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Order #Order DateDescription
U-34320 ...Entergy Louisiana, LLC, ex parte ...Application of Entergy Louisiana, LLC for Approval to Implement a Permanent Advanced Metering System and Request for Cost Recovery and Related Relief.
Order Description: Utility Order U-34320-A for Entergy Louisiana, LLC, ex parte
Order Synopsis: Approves a monthly fee in the amount of $14.35 for opt-out customers of ELL’s Advanced Metering System approved in Order
T-34626 ...Louisiana Public Service Commission vs. Charles Jacob dba Jake's (Boutte, Louisiana) ...Alleged violation of La. R.S. 45:161 through 180.1, and General Order dated August 05, 2016 while operating under LPSC authority 7386, for exceeding state prescribed rates, allegedly having occurred on or about July 18, 2017.
Order Description: Transportation Order T-34626-A for Louisiana Public Service Commission vs. Charles Jacob dba Jake's (Boutte, Louisiana)
Order Synopsis: Order No. T-34626-A rejects the ALJ’s recommendation dated December 4, 2018; determines that the services at issue in this docket are nonconsensual towing and recovery services; finds Charles Jacob dba Jake’s guilty of violating the Commission’s General Order dated August 5, 2016 for exceeding state prescribed rates; fines Charles Jacob dba Jake’s in the amount of $1,000; assesses a citation fee in the amount of $25; and requires that Charles Jacob dba Jake’s refund overcharges in the amount of $807.69. The Commission vote occurred at the December 19, 2018 Business and Executive Session.
T-35046 ...Wastewater Specialties, LLC (Sulphur, Louisiana), ex parte. ...Application for a Common Carrier Certificate of non-hazardous industrial solid waste for disposal, statewide.
Order Description: Transportation Order for Wastewater Specialties, LLC (Sulphur, Louisiana), ex parte.
Order Synopsis: This Order provides that Wastewater Specialties, LLC be issued a common carrier certificate, authorizing operations in Louisiana intrastate commerce as a common carrier of non-hazardous industrial solid waste, over irregular routes for disposal, statewide. This Order further provides that the issuance of the common carrier certificate is conditioned upon the full compliance of Wastewater Specialties, LLC with the laws of the State of Louisiana and the rules and regulations of the Louisiana Public Service Commission.
U-33011 ...Mo-Dad Utilities, LLC ("Mo-Dad"), ex parte ...Application for Rate Increase and Request for Letter of Non-Opposition to Borrowing Funds.
Order Description: Utility Order U-33011-C for Mo-Dad Utilities, LLC ("Mo-Dad"), ex parte
Order Synopsis: The Commission voted to rescind Order No. U-33011-B and to reinstate the rates previously approved for residential customers in Order No. U-33011-A and commercial customers in Order No. U-33011.
Special Order 03-20191/18/2019
2019 Utility Special Orders ...2019 Utility Special Orders ...
Order Description: Special Order 03-2019
Order Synopsis: Special Order No. 03-2019 ratifies the vote taken on December 13, 2018 by Commissioner Boissiere acting as the Commission’s representative to the OMS Board.